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United Nations SDGs
  • In an inclusive education system, educators engage with increasing their understanding of individual differences, especially in regard to learning, and develop and adjust learning and assessment tasks and contexts in ways that make them accessible and appropriate for all students regardless of starting ability levels, interests, learning strengths and weaknesses. In inclusive schools, diverse approaches to learning are valued and all learners are challenged and supported to be successful in their learning goals. Macao has begun the journey to develop an increasingly inclusive education system. This book has been written as the journey is beggining and explores some of the different perspectives twoard inclusion and interpretaions of "inclusive education" within Macao's education systems and the wider community at this time. The main aims of the research presented in this book are to understand the different views and roles of staff in Macao schools and in the wider community. The book raises questions about how inclusion in Macao might unfold and identifies areas where efforts may be needed to progress inclusive education.

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