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Externalizing Behaviour in Macao: Gender and Parental Participation

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Externalizing Behaviour in Macao: Gender and Parental Participation
There are gaps in the research on gender differences and parental participation and the interaction between gender and parental participation in non-Western cultural contexts, particularly the Macao context. The current study aims to fill these gaps by examining gender and parental participation (i.e., father only, mother only, or both) differences and interactions in externalizing behaviour (oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder) during late childhood and adolescence (i.e., from age 10 to 18) in Macao. The methodological approach for the current study was a cross-sectional design with a quantitative methodology based on self-rated questionnaires. In certain items, we did discover gender differences. More boys than girls appeared to concur that they occasionally misbehave at school or start fires. And it appeared that girls were more likely than boys to concur that they occasionally exhibit unexpected mood or emotion changes and strong tempers. The children in the groups where only the mother or father participated tended to agree more than they prefer to hang out with older kids than kids their own age. This is in contrast to the group with more parental participation, which is represented by both parents submitting the questionnaire. Although none of the hypotheses proposed were supported, our outcomes implied culture and subculture may play important roles on youths’ externalizing behaviour
University of Saint Joseph
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Externalizing Behaviour in Macao
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M-CP 2023 KOU,OI
Supervisor : Maria Rita SilvaIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Saint Joseph, May, 2023
Kuok, O. L. (2023). Externalizing Behaviour in Macao: Gender and Parental Participation [University of Saint Joseph].