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  • For a long time, Geography did not hold a specific mathematical approach for any interpretation of space and this was the key reason why Geography degrees covered a wide variety of subjects such as demography, geology or topography to fulfill its curriculum. Yet from the 90’s, Geography finally created its own research agenda to meet four vital questions of any true geographer: “Where is …?”, “Is there a general spatial pattern?”, “What are the anomalies?” and “Why do these phenomena pursue certain spatial distribution?” The present review article addresses ten different spatial (point, regression and event) issues for learning and teaching aim where statistics play a major background role on the outcomes of myGeoffice© free Web GIS platform. These include cluster analysis, geographically weighted regression (GWR), ordinary least squares (OLS) regression, path analysis, minimum spanning tree, linear regression, space-time clustering and point patterns, for instance. Although the technical viewpoint of the algorithms is not explained at fully, this review paper makes a rather strong emphasis on the result’s interpretation, their respective meaning and when these techniques should be applied in a learning/teaching context.

  • Since the beginning of bilateral aid giving in the aftermath of the Second World War, the motives for aid giving have changed from being purely political and humanitarian to a mix of different interests. While poverty reduction is frequently stated as the goal of aid giving, it is commonplace for donors to use aid to advance their national interests. The rise of new, emerging donors is creating discussion in both the political and academic fields of aid giving. Traditional or western donors see emerging donors, such as China’s efforts in aid-giving as seeking the natural resources of the recipient countries. This paper provides a historical analysis of the aid-giving motivations underlying an emerging donor, China, and a traditional donor, France. The motives for China’s and France’s aid giving to African countries, with special focus on Guinea, show a great number of similarities.

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