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  • Human resources are essential to the survival, success, and long-term growth of a company. Hotel is an industry requiring a high level of human resources for delivering high-quality personal service to the hotel guests to maintain its competitiveness in the business environment. With the rapid economic growth in Macao started in 2002, all the industries have been growing fast and competing fiercely for the limited manpower in Macao. However, the Macao hotel industry has been losing its attractiveness in the Macao labor market and needs to rely on non-local workers with a limited stay in Macao. The management team of the Macao hotel industry is looking for a solution to maintain a stable workforce. Therefore, a study has been conducted on the effectiveness of its employee retention strategies. A questionnaire was designed to collect the preferences of the employees and interviews were conducted to understand the perspective of the management team toward the employee retention strategies. The study shows the employee strategies are focused on key employees’ interests such as career development and prospect. However, the communication between the management team and employees failed and led to employee turnover.

  • University students in Macao are required to attend computer literacy courses to raise their basic skills levels and knowledge as part of their literacy foundation. Still, teachers frequently complain about the weak IT skills of many students, suggesting that most of them may not be benefiting sufficiently from their computer literacy courses. This research proposes an enhanced framework based on constructivist principles by using peer-tutoring to increase cost effectiveness and to improve student outcomes. Essential to this proposed model is the training of former course graduates as peer-instructors to achieve high quality learning results. At Instituto de Formação Turistica (IFT), a case study was used to evaluate its effectiveness using a qualitative analysis. In Macao, most students have a Confucian Heritage Cultural (CHC) background and the current findings demonstrate that students share more easily their learning difficulties within their group as their interpersonal relationships improve. It is suggested that since CHC cooperative learning is primarily based on bonds, students involved in this 'relationship-first, learning-second' type shared a larger amount of knowledge and social skills, a dual positive outcome. Moreover, English language is a major barrier for the understanding of the teacher’s message to Chinese students. Meanwhile, the negative Western concept of plagiarism is replaced, under the CHC, as the ‘face giving’ and it is directly based on the relationship intensity to 'help friends'. At last, peer-tutors play a key role in the student increase internal motivation regarding the joy of the learning process.

  • Association Rule Mining by Aprior method has been one of the popular data mining techniques for decades, where knowledge in the form of item-association rules is harvested from a dataset. The quality of item-association rules nevertheless depends on the concentration of frequent items from the input dataset. When the dataset becomes large, the items are scattered far apart. It is known from previous literature that clustering helps produce some data groups which are concentrated with frequent items. Among all the data clusters generated by a clustering algorithm, there must be one or more clusters which contain suitable and frequent items. In turn, the association rules that are mined from such clusters would be assured of better qualities in terms of high confidence than those mined from the whole dataset. However, it is not known in advance which cluster is the suitable one until all the clusters are tried by association rule mining. It is time consuming if they were to be tested by brute-force. In this paper, a statistical property called prior probability is investigated with respect to selecting the best out of many clusters by a clustering algorithm as a pre-processing step before association rule mining. Experiment results indicate that there is correlation between prior probability of the best cluster and the relatively high quality of association rules generated from that cluster. The results are significant as it is possible to know which cluster should be best used for association rule mining instead of testing them all out exhaustively.

  • China growing awareness of sustainability has brought out relevant aspects to move towards a green environment. Since its subscription in 2016, China has been committed to implementing the Paris Agreement, and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) development plan prioritizes ecology and pursuing green development. The primary purpose of this research is to perceive the companies' insights concerning the implementation of sustainable buildings’ projects in Macau. For this multi-case study analysis, primary data was gathered from interviews with two groups involved in the construction projects’ lifecycle: Consultants and Contractors, to analyze different perceptions and concerns. The interviews considered two different themes about the main topic: (1) Perception on Companies’ Experience in Sustainable Projects; (2) Key Drivers towards Sustainable Buildings’ Projects’ Implementation. In conclusion, according to the analyzed data, it is essential to notice that companies’ background and the market particularities affect their corporate performance specially connected to the green construction frameworks. The data also indicate that it is necessary to move towards regulations and policies to change corporate and people's mindset.

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